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A selection of released and unreleased material from trainees who are making waves in the corridors and we think could have the potential to make waves on the mainstage. If you would like to hear more or be connected with any of the artists or creators below please email


Song: Lotus

Sounds like: Little Dragon, SIA

Success: A very popular ELAM Live Session that is continuing to grow in views. 

Bio: Shireen pens heart-wrenching, soulful tunes laden with deep hidden meanings.  Her voice soars effortlessly on this track. Her vocal ability knows no bounds. Executing wonderfully clean riffs, Shireen ensures that every last word sung leaves a mark on you.

Visuals shot by: Wiktoria Siwik (Year 13 Film & TV), Sujon Ahmed (Year 13 Film & TV), Nahid Uddin (Year 13 Film & TV), Kenny Alabi-Showunmi (Year 13 Film & TV)

Aaron O'Blacks x Father Demo

Song: East Side

Sounds like: Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, Giggs

Success: Currently Unreleased

Bio: "Get a wheel up and wheel up again" Aaron O' Blacks delivers a performance oozing with confidence and bravado in 'East Side' produced by Father Demo. With quirks, twists and turns in the beat reminiscent of early Dizzee Rascal, this is a grime track that brings the genre right back to its roots. Their video is vertical and designed to look slick on smartphones.

Visuals shot by: Oniqur Rahman (Year 13 Film & TV), Digby Hilliard (Year 13 Film & TV), Aridas Dominic (Year 13 Film & TV) 

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Ellie Occleston

Song: Splinters

Sounds like: Laura Marling, Alela Diane, Birdy

Success: Featured on lot's of blogs and playlists on Spotify, played on BBC Introducing and by Phil Taggert on Radio 1

Bio: Mature in it's lyrical theme and effortlessly confident in its delivery, Ellie Occleston's latest release 'Splinters' showcases a distinct, isolated and haunting vocal backed up by a delicate piano accompaniment. 


K1 aka Khyra Wilson

Song: Pour it up

Sounds like: The Weeknd, The Internet, Frank Ocean

Success: First video (click here) received over 11k views, lot's of love and interest from management camps such as disturbing London. 

Bio: Smooth and rich in harmony and texture. K1's 'Pour It Up' is a super slow head-nodder. Slick production and encapsulating vocals reminiscent of The Weeknd make the perfect cocktail for a tune you'll want to pull up again and again.




Song: F*ck It Was Lovely

Sounds Like: Joey Bada$$, Little Simz, Kali Uchis

Success: Mainly in the corridors, although Ezria is unbelievably talented, smart and interesting. She raps, is a poet and also spoken word artist.

Bio: Brooding horns, soulful e-piano tones and steady, gritty groove all washed in a shower of heavy, wet reverb - meet EZRIA. Her spoken word with dustings of gorgeous melody are the centrepiece of this journey through the mind of this exciting young artist. Turn it up loud. 




Song: My Protest Song

Sounds like: Joss Stone, Corrine Bailey Rae, Ella Fitzgerald, Jill Scott

Success: Biggest ELAM Live Video (click here) so far with very good reaction, Rasida, writes produces, engineers and records all herself

Bio: Delivered with the confidence of a veteran, RASiDA's use of harmony and instrumentation showcases a maturity and musical understanding beyond her young years. An absolutely stand out vocal ties off this perfect package and wraps a strong, soulful ribbon around it.