ELAM Alumni - Where do they go?

When we opened in September 2014 with our very first cohort of trainees, we always knew that while the academic results were very important, they were also just one of the factors that would contribute to the ultimate outcome. The ultimate outcome being to ensure that every trainee moved on to an excellent destination that was suitable for them and that they were happy in, setting them up for success in the rest of their lives. As a result we put a huge amount of focus and time into providing our trainees with independent advice and guidance from leading industry experts during their two years at ELAM, through the masterclasses, mentor and work experience programmes to enable them to achieve this.  We are delighted to share that our first cohort of 60 trainees have gone on to do some incredible things which are summarised below with some individual case studies as well.

Destination data

  • 39%


  • 30%


  • 15%


  • 2%

    Job hunting

  • 14%


2016 ELAM Graduates (Click through right)