ELAM Mentors

Every Trainee at ELAM is paired with a mentor from the Industry with whom they meet with on a regular basis and discuss their next steps. Below are two of our current ELAM mentors. 

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Sed Weingartshofer – A&R Manager (MTA RECORDS)

ELAM is an incredible institution. I am constantly in awe of the student’s talents and facilities available to them, I wish it had existed when I was 18!

For the students who develop their skills over the course of two years at ELAM, the future is incredibly bright – the mentor programme really emphasises this. Not having personally experienced mentoring when I first started in the music industry, I have learnt to appreciate the mutual benefits that arise between both mentors and mentee – highly recommend.

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Julie Adenuga - Apple Beats 1 Radio presenter

Deciding to become a mentor at ELAM was important to me because growing up I never liked being told what to do. I’ve always been the person who likes to make their own mistakes & learn from them. However – a friend with more knowledge than you is invaluable (this applies to people of all ages tbh)

ELAM is already an incredible place for anyone interested in arts & music and of course the industry. My aim is to give the trainees that additional bit of knowledge that they might need so they can learn, make mistakes & make their ambitions reality – a lot quicker than I did.