Ella Bee

What has been your highlight while at ELAM?

My highlight was getting to perform at The Southbank Centre as part of 'WHY? festival' with an original song that I wrote protesting domestic abuse. I thought this was an inspiring and enjoyable experience because I got to communicate a serious message to people. Another highlight was our performance at The Garage in Islington - I thought the vibe of that night was very enjoyable and I look forward to more shows in the future.

What do you want to do when you leave ELAM?

My dream career is to be a performer - whether that is as a solo act or part of a band. I love gigging and that is something that I never want to stop doing. Essentially all I want to do is make music.

What advice would you give someone joining ELAM in September?

I would say don't compare yourself to others and don't let people make you feel bad about the music you make because all music should be appreciated and you should never stop doing what you love just because someone doesn't like it.