Observe a lesson at ELAM

If you are a qualified teacher and would like to visit ELAM to observe a lesson then why don’t you sign up below to our 'Observe a Lesson’ Programme.

Why are we doing this?

We believe the best CPD opportunities arise when we have the opportunity to leave our immediate environments to go and observe practice in another school or educational setting. This can be difficult and time consuming to organise. We would therefore like to invite teachers into our school to see what we do. In return we would welcome your feedback on the lesson you observe and even potentially organise a return visit to your classroom.

What can I observe?

ELAM is a 16-19 academy, teaching Music, Film and TV, Games Design, English and Maths. In May 2017 we were graded ‘Outstanding’ in all categories and therefore believe there is some good practice taking place. Equally we know practice could improve in many areas so the chance to have a fresh pair of eyes will be hugely valuable to us.

Specifically we offer the following areas as part of the Observe a lesson programme;

  • Maths

    • Level 3 Core Maths

  • English

    • A-Level English

    • Extended Project Qualification

  • Film and Television

  • Music

    • Songwriting

    • Performance

    • Sequencing

    • Recording

  • Games Design

When what will i actually get to do when i visit?

Visits are schedule for 2 hours. Within this time you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Observe a pre-agreed lesson on a subject that is relevant to you.

  2. Receive a tour of the school from a member of the academy board.

  3. Will have the chance to meet with a member of the senior team who will give you some wider context.

How can i sign up?

You can apply to sign up for a tour by completing the form below. We will review each application individually and if we think that a tour will be mutually beneficial we will get back in touch to try and coordinate making this happen. We will try and be as accommodating to the dates you have suggested but of course it will depend on the time of year and timetable at that time.

Name *
e.g. how long you have been teaching for, what you teach and where you teach or have taught. This doesn't need to be long.
Which areas woud you be intereste din observing.
You can tick multiple but please only tick one if that is the only area relevant for you.

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