Meet the Mentors


Guest Speakers
Will Kennard  (Chase and Status, ELAM Governor) 
Charlie Kennard  (ELAM Principal)  
Mik Nelson (Director of Digital Arts) 
Sarah Hunt  (Universal - ELAM Mentor)
Sam O'Neil  (TCTS - ELAM Mentor) 
Sarah Libretto (Oval Space - ELAM Mentor)
Kid Massive  (DJ - ELAM Mentor)

Come and find out all about our Mentor Programme at ELAM, so that YOU can become a mentor starting this September! 
Please join us for an evening of mingling with ex-mentors, current mentors and future mentors alike!

We want industry professionals like you to mentor our young music and media trainees. The success of this programme to date has been magnificent and we aim for this to continue.

You will hear from some of our wonderful previous mentors and trainees and will learn all about the programme so that you can either sign-up or keep up the good work!  

Mentors in Music, Film, Television, Games and Animation all welcome!

We will begin with a short presentation from our Principal Charlie Kennard who will explain exactly what the mentor programme is and give you a clearer understanding of what we should all aim to achieve. Following on from this, we will hear from our Governor Will Kennard (Chase and Status) and our other guest speakers. We will then open the floor for a Q&A. 

Don't worry, there will also be an opportunity to hang around and mingle afterwards to get chatting to one another and meet properly!

If you wish to attend this event, please sign-up below! 

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