Ed Voices

Ed Voices is collection of thoughts and discussion pieces by school leaders from around the world. The uniting factor between these leaders is that they are all part of the Teach For All Network and are therefore working to expand educational opportunities in their countries. Representing over 15 countries across four continents, these posts offer a diverse and unique insight educational theory, practice and ideas from individuals on the frontline across the globe. 

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The rise of Jada Uddhar Secondary School

Rajan shares his strategies for transforming a public school with falling role and reputation within the community.

Rajan Maharjan is a School Leader at Jada Uddhar Secondary School, Nepal. 

Septemeber 2017


Summer School is Stupid. But it doesn't have to be.


Taylor Delhagen discusses how his school turned the table on the traditional summer school model.

Taylor is a founding teacher at Brooklyn Ascend High School, New York, USA.

Septemeber 2017


Heartbreak and Triumph

Alyce Cleary shares her thoughts on why our emotional reactions to failure are an important part of being an effective leader.

Alyce is the Deputy Principal at Palm Beach-Currumbin State High School, Palm Beach, Queensland, Australia

August 2017



Scott Wolf discusses how he is building and deepening the relationships with his staff in order to maximise the impact on his students. 

Scott is the Principal of North High School, Denver, Colorado, USA.

August 2017


The Power of All-Through and Starting Young

Ed Vainker discusses the power and impact of a genuine all-through model and how the focus on pupils’ early years in school is such a critical moment and opportunity for impact.

Ed is the Principal and Co-Founder of Reach Academy Feltham, London, UK.

July 2017


Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

Julie Goldstein discusses how her schools mission and core values served her as a leader. 

Julie is the Principal of Breakthrough Magnet School in Hartford, Conneticut, USA.

July 2017