Group Activity

You will contribute to a group activity during which you will prepare a pitch for a music event. Consider in advance the following areas:

  • East London artists
  • International artists (who are still alive) that would be considered legendary/iconic
  • Budgeting

You will be given specific resources on the day so there is no need to bring anything with you other than your thoughts/ideas!

You will be assessed individually according to the 5 ELAM Values:

  • Innovation - thinking outside the box
  • Drive - getting things done
  • Collaboration - teamwork
  • Integrity - honesty and professionalism
  • Excellence - high quality work

Solo Music Performance

Perform a solo on your instrument or voice with accompaniment.  The accompaniment should be a good quality backing track (MP3, WAV or AIFF - NOT on a CD) without your part on it.  If you are a vocalist you may accompany yourself on the guitar, ukulele or piano, for example.  Hundreds of good quality backing tracks are available on iTunes and other backing track websites.  A solo piano piece or a solo guitar piece that was intended as a solo may be performed without accompaniment. The performance piece can be one of your own compositions if you wish but there is no extra credit given for performing your own piece as this is a performance assessment, not a composition assessment.  You might have created your ‘own version or arrangement’ of someone else’s song or piece which is wholly appropriate. Your performance should be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes. You should prepare your performance to the highest possible standard and should chose something which shows off your musical skills effectively.

If you don’t play an instrument or sing or rap, you can share your production/other musical skills with us by bringing examples of your work but should be aware that the course at ELAM involves performance for all trainees, both as a soloist and in groups.