Annie Vong - Case Study 

Annie could quite conceivably become a leading studio engineer should she carry on with the focus she showed when working with me.
— Rob Mcfarlane - Professional Recording Engineer

Skills Learnt

  • Fluent in using Logic Pro X to create original compositions and remixes for MTA Records, utilizing a range of audio and MIDI editing skills to create professional results.

  • Developed arrangement skills through creating an instrumental for a published songwriter, Hannah Wilson.

  • Fluent in planning, recording and mixing using Pro Tools 11 HD, using Avid’s plugin suite and outboard gear to create balanced mixes and masters for the upcoming ELAM 2016 Compilation.

  • Operated a range of studio equipment, analogue and digital desks, including an Allen & Heath GSR24, Yamaha MGP24 and AVID Control 24.

  • Created the soundtrack for a movie trailer, applying a range of post-production techniques, including Foley, ADR and Sound Design.

  • Written a portfolio of 4 original songs, as well as designing radio jingles for RINSE FM.

  • Devised and ran a Social Media Marketing Campaign for the release of upcoming artist Biesty’s debut single.  

  • Event managed a trainee run event at The Borderline - Tottenham Court Road, taking charge of venue booking, budgeting and, marketing and promotion.

  • Sound Engineer Assistant at events at the Barfly - Camden and the Jazz Cafe - Camden.

Knowledge of the Industry

  • Gained two weeks work experience at MTA Records, assisting in the planning, setting up, recording and mixing of client’s sessions, including Chase & Status, Meridian Dan and Moko.

  • Took part in 40 eye-opening Industry Masterclasses from experienced professionals from Universal Music, Virgin EMI, MAMA, AEI and MTA. Furthered and consolidated understanding and knowledge of sectors, royalties, contracts and licensing through studying the Sound and Music Industry unit.

  • Events visits to Southbank Centre London, focusing on event management and what it takes to setting up your own event.

  • Events and Promotions team at LoveBox 2014, in charge of selling tickets and drumming up interest for after party event.

  • Took part in an engineering masterclass with world-renowned studio engineer Marcellus Fernandes (Mary J Blige/Pink Floyd).

  • Has produced and refined an industry ready CV and cover letter, and an online social media presence (including LinkedIn profile).


Being a Musician

  • Performed in a range of bands and ensembles at a number of London venues including: Barfly - Camden; The Jazz Cafe - Camden.

  • Over 24 weeks of professional bass and piano tuition by top industry professionals.

  • Performed as a session bassist for upcoming artist Nellie Bell.

  • Aural & theory & musicology.