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A selection of released and unreleased material from trainees who are making waves in the corridors and we think could have the potential to make waves on the mainstage. If you would like to hear more or be connected with any of the artists or creators below please email ckennard@elam.co.uk

Phoebe Xenofontos aka ‘Phoebe AXA’ (Indie Pop)

Song: Young Blood

Sounds like: Sigrid

Success: One of the best musicians we have ever had at ELAM. An incredible songwriter, performer and producer. Sigrid described Young Blood as a festival anthem.

Bio: Phoebe is truly exceptional, she produced, recorded and wrote this track entirely by herself.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 15.23.19.png

Samuel Isong aka ‘ISONG’ (Afro, Hip Hip, R&B)

Song: Luke Cage

Sounds like: Not3s, Wstrn, J Hus

Success: Already amassed over 70k views on Link Up TV at the age of 16.

Bio: Samuel moved to coventry at the age of 14 because he was going down the wrong path in south east London. He moved back at the age of 16 having gained a good set of GCSEs and has since wrote this tune about his experience. He raps, sings and produces.