We provide a world class education, with world class resources, opportunities and experiences. We do this completely free of charge to anyone we think meets our core values. There’s a gap there of what we offer and what we can afford to offer. That’s just a reality and something we need to overcome but we don't want to compromise on the quality as we don't feel we should have to. The way we fill this gap is through the support and passion of the very special individuals and organisations listed below who have helped us in many different ways. If you want to support us you can do so here

Thank You...

Toye Foundation - The Toye Foundation is the current sponsor of the ELAM Mentor programme. 

Lovebox Festival - Lovebox have continually supported our trainees with amazing experiences, including playing on the MainStage of the festival, they have also made contributions to ELAM over the past four years.

Matt Ellsworth - Seat Sponsor

Patrick Williams - Seat Sponsor

Karen Hall - Seat Sponsor

Jeremy Palmer - Seat Sponsor

Jho Oakely - Sponsored the IMT Programme and contributed a baby grand piano

Nyla Shiers - Seat Sponsor

Oniqur Rahman - Monthly Donor

Universal Music UK - Universal Music UK are a major supporter of ELAM and have been since its inception in 2014, their support has been absolutely critical to our success.

Echo Location Talent Agency - Echo Location Talent Agency sponsored our Individual Music Tuition Programme in it's first two years of operation. 

Sean Rampton and Chris Boyle - Donated a Soundcraft front of house mixing desk

Jane Kennard - Seat Sponsor

Isolde Rutherford - Seat Sponsor

Sophie Kennard - Seat Sponsor

Tom Barber - Monthly Donor

Wolf Rabstein - Seat Sponsor

Eric Gilston - Seat Donor

Collen Murphy - Individual Donor