Book your Music Assessment Day at ELAM.

Your assessment day will have three main parts and plenty of chances for you to shine and show us your strengths. The sessions will be themed around ELAM's Values of Excellence, Innovation, Collaboration, Integrity and Drive and you will complete activities that will allow you to demonstrate these qualities.

  1. Interview - You will have an individual meeting with a member of the ELAM staff.  You will be asked about your interest in ELAM, your knowledge of the courses we offer and a series of Values-based questions used to give us more information about who you are as a musician and student.  You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.
  2. Group activity - You will contribute to a group activity during which you will discuss an Industry related issue.  You will be required to present differing sides of an argument.  This will involve some research and preparation from you before the day. 
  3. Solo music performance/presentation and pre-prepared written task:
    • You will perform a solo on an instrument of your choice (this includes voice) or share your practical music skills.
    • You will write a brief outline of your chosen performance piece. 

Click here for some more information on the group activity and solo music performance. 

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