Vocalist/Rapper (Music)

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Please complete this entire application and then click submit at the bottom of the page. If you have any problems please email applications@elam.co.uk.

Please ensure that you answer questions to the best of your ability, using full sentences. Please also give examples where necessary of your musical experiences to date.

You will need to provide either:

- A video of you performing a song of your choice. This can be done using a mobile phone and does not need to be good quality footage. This is just so we can see your potential and does not need to be perfect! Once recorded please send to asingh@elam.co.uk

- A link to a song that you have released or featured on. This could be a SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube link.

Failure to provide us with one of the above will result in your Application being Void. Please do contact us if you are having trouble providing us with one of these.

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Date of Birth
If it was at an event, please tell us the event you went to.
Other Instruments
Please select which other instruments you play. You can choose more than one.
Please detail to which level you can play these additional instruments. Either Beginner (I can do a few things), Intermediate (I am comfortable on this) or Advanced (I see this as a key strength).
Parent or Carer Name
Parent or Carer Name
This can be a link to a live performance. If you cannot provide this, please email a recording of a performance to applications@elam.co.uk. This does not need to be perfect!
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