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Please complete the form below to book into your Assessment Centre at ELAM. All Assessment Centres start at 5:00pm so please ensure you arrive on time and try to be at least 20 minutes early. Find us on the map below. 

What will I do at the Assessment Centre?

1. Interview

You will have a one-to-one interview with a member of the ELAM team. We will be looking for evidence of:

  • integrity and professional approach to learning (you will need to bring a copy of your most recent report with you for us to keep).

  • drive to use ELAM's curriculum (do your research of the course in advance).

  • excellent achievement (think about what you might want to tell us about what you’ve done).

2. Group Task

You will be put into a group with other prospective trainees to complete a short task. You will be given more information when you arrive; you do not need to prepare anything in advance. We will be looking for evidence of:

  • collaboration and team-work

  • innovative and creative thought

3. Solo Performance Audition

You will perform a solo on your instrument or voice (even if you are a producer/DJ).


  • Choose a piece.

    • Should be between 2 and 4 minutes in length.

    • Should present an appropriate level of challenge for a Level 3 course and show self-awareness of your own ability level.

    • You may perform an original composition (note, no extra credit will be given as this is a performance, assessment not a composition assessment).

    • You may create your own interpretation or arrangement of another piece.

  • Practise and rehearse your piece to the highest standard.

    • Vocalists should commit lyrics to memory.

    • Instrumentalists may read from sheet music.

    • Jazz musicians may perform a head and improvisation (however, unfocused jam sessions are not appropriate).

  • Bring a suitable backing track, accompanist or self-accompaniment.

    • Suitable backing track formats: MP3, WAV or AIFF formats on a flash drive or audio/mobile device (no CD drive or internet access available; bring your own adapter, if relevant).

    • Your part should not audible on the backing track (hundreds of suitable backing tracks are available on iTunes and other backing track websites).

    • If using a phone/tablet, ensure notifications are turned off.

    • You may perform unaccompanied only if the piece is specifically written for unaccompanied performance (e.g. solo piano piece).

    • Suitable self-accompaniment instruments for vocalists include piano, guitar or ukulele.

  • Consider whether you need to bring your instrument.

    • ELAM provides all backline (e.g. drum kit, amps, keyboards, microphones, mini-jack cable).

    • Otherwise, you will need to bring your own instrument and accessories (e.g. guitar, plectrum, 1/4” jack cable, drumsticks).

What else should I prepare in advance?

  • Prepare your journey; it’s not a good idea to be late for an interview/audition.

  • Do your research about the course you will study at ELAM.

  • Remember to source a copy of your most recent report from your most recent school as well as any required backing tracks, instruments, etc.

What happens if I’m not successful?

It’s important to remember that places at ELAM are highly competitive - not getting a place does not mean we don’t think you’re a fantastic musicians or have great values. In any case, if you are unsuccessful in gaining a place at ELAM, all is not lost! We may refer you to one of our partner institutions that may be better suited to you:



BIRD’s one-to-one songwriting and recording sessions reduce the risk of mental health issues becoming established in 16-25-year-olds by harnessing the inherent power that creativity has to improve and sustain wellbeing. An authentic collaborative creative process is also a natural incubator for trust and rapport, through which BIRD develops true, long-lasting mentoring relationships that provide a consistent, trustworthy and supportive adult presence in the lives of our young artists. Various ELAM musicians have attended BIRD and you can hear an example of what they wrote and recorded at BIRD here.

REACH Academy West London

More info to follow!

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