Book your Assessment Day at ELAM.

Please complete the form below to book into your assessment day at ELAM. All assessment days start at 5.00pm so please make sure you arrive on time and try to be at least 15 minutes early. You can find us here. 

What will I do at the assessment day?

1. Interview

This will be a one to one interview with a member of the ELAM team. We are keen to understand a little bit more about your accomplishments to date and also your understanding of the ELAM course and what you will be doing if you join us. 

2. Group Activity

You will be put into a randomly selected group with other students interviewing for a place at ELAM and you will have to plan an event together. You will be given more information when you arrive. We are looking to see how you can work in a team.

What do I need to prepare in advance?

  • Prepare your journey, it's not a good idea to be late for an interview.
  • Do your research about the course you will study at ELAM.
  • Think about some of your previous accomplishments so that you can share them with us on the day.
Any Questions please email us at

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