Is this going to be the movie event of 2017?

The trailer for the new Christopher Nolan film has just dropped and it's a big one. Dunkirk is set for a summer release in 2017 and tells the historic story of the Dunkirk evacuation during WWII.

Watch the trailer below:

Should FIFA 17 be banned for supporting the LGBT community?

Some Russian MP's seem to think so and have asked for the game to either remove its 'Rainbow Kit' or face a higher age rating or even an outright ban in Russia.

As if there are not already enough problems trying to raise awareness and support of LGBT issues in the sporting world. Our games, films, television programmes, magazines, comic books, newspapers, advertisements etc SHOULD reflect the audiences that consume them and our society is so diverse and multi-faceted. It's refreshing to see EA show their support to the LGBT community (especially with football being such a particularly hostile environment in this regard) and a shame to see them under pressure by one of the biggest gaming markets in the world.

Is There a Diversity Problem in the British Film Industry?

Director of High Rise Ben Wheatley thinks so. 

He says that he wants his films to reflect the diverse audience who go to see them.

“When you’re looking at your audience, you’re looking at the whole audience and you want to reflect that audience back in the films you’re making,” he said.

Wheatley said there is an argument “for things when they’re set in the past” to not feature minorities, but “there’s no excuse at all not to be reflective of the period now when you make movies that are modern.”

Film producer Elliot Grove, the founder of independent film festival Raindance and the British Independent Film Awards, says that the industry needs to change the way it markets films.

“Film has been the domain of middle-class white guys, like me. By the time they get old like me, they are just worried about money, money, money. That’s wrong,” Grove says.

“We need to change our perception of our stories and involve people from different cultures, backgrounds and sexual orientations and make sure they have the marketing budget behind them."

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At ELAM we agree entirely. We are huge proponents of getting different voices into the Film and Games industries. Apply for our courses here.

Games, Film & TV Newsletter 6/12/16


Huge announcements from @Naughty_Dog at this weekend's @E3

Firstly, as reported yesterday, The Last of Us is getting a sequel and apparently it's being written by one of the writers from HBO's Westworld.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be released as a standalone game focusing on two of the female side-characters Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross.

Although no longer strictly Naughty Dog title, it seems like everyone's favourite gaming marsupial is making a comeback as Crash Bandicoot is getting a remaster in 2017.

American Chat Show host Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting this year's Academy Awards in February.

Is Irish UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor going to star in Game of Thrones?

Margot Robbie, Emilia Clarke and Millie Bobby (from Stranger Things) Top IMDB's 2016 'Most Viewed Stars' Ranking.


Extra Credit Reading:

How investing in British Films can relieve your tax bill

What PSX 2016 tells us about the modern games industry

Final Word:

With the Uncharted spin-off focusing on two female characters (unsurprising since @Naughty_Dog has long been a Games Developer who values women in games) and IMDB releasing a very female heavy 'most searched stars of 2016' list, maybe the industries at large will finally begin to realise that women can be more than just damsels in distress and the trophy to reward the male characters. We can only hope!

Last of Us Sequel Announced!

This weekend's Sony Playstation Experience show broke the incredibly exciting news that the 2013 Game of the Year and in many people's opinions the greatest game story ever told would be getting a sequel. The Last of Us is an amazingly immersive action-adventure survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic future and is exactly the type of game any budding Game Designers, Storytellers, Concept Artists of Developers should be playing for inspiration

Click the video above to watch the trailer.

Big Changes to Netflix!

Changes afoot in the world of online streaming as Netflix announce that they will now allow you to download Film and Television to watch offline. The BBC iPlayer and Amazon Video have already been doing this for a while, but Netflix following suit is a pretty major deal. Exciting times! Especially now that Winter is Coming and temperatures are dropping. Perfect time for some binge-watching.

British Film Institute announces £500m 5 Year Plan To Increase Diversity

The BFI has announced a five-year strategy for UK film which includes an investment of nearly £500m to support film education, skills development and film funding with diversity high on the agenda.

Sounds like this is the perfect time to get involved in studying Film & TV Production at ELAM.

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VR Games Competition December 1st

We will be hosting a PS4 Virtual Reality Games Competition in the Study Room all day tomorrow, feel free to pop in and try to set the fastest time and claim your prize! This is a good opportunity to come along and try out the PlayStation VR Kit. 

We will be hosting a PS4 Virtual Reality Games Competition in the Study Room all day tomorrow, feel free to pop in and try to set the fastest time and claim your prize! This is a good opportunity to come along and try out the PlayStation VR Kit.