‘Battle of Nature’s Finest’ An awesome 3D Tower Defence game where you can save the world!!

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On a planet where fruit inhabit the lands and are ruled peacefully by the Giant Pumpkin King, they must protect their kingdom against the vengeful vegetables who are out to destroy that peace. You control. You protect.

Battle of Nature’s Finest: Fruit vs Veg or BNF: FvsV for short is a 3D Top Down Tower Defence game where you control the battle between the Nature’s Finest. In an array of stages, you will battle to protect various lands within the kingdom of the fruits and stop the vegetables from passing through, using your many fruity troops, each with their own unique personalities.

A fun game to work on, been cool to be a big part of the visuals
— Andrea Pop
One of the best projects I have worked on so far, I definitely want to expand and make it even better and more unique
— Christopher Halliday

The game is currently in its beta stage after 6 weeks and the developers are planning on adding a lot more to it in the coming week. Including new Bosses, extra levels and possibly more recruits to the ranks. This is a game anyone can play anywhere and will no doubt prove to be a hit. The game after a web release will be continuously worked on for a later mobile release. Watch this Space.



Fresh Labs is an Independent company working in game development, they are only a few months old but hope to get our name out there by producing awesome games like Battle of Nature’s Finest' and more.

Contact Team Details:

Games director: challiday@elam.co.uk , Christopher Halliday

Visual Artist: apop@elam.co.uk , Andrea Pop

Programmer: amarmo@elam.co.uk , Andrew Marmo

Sound Designer: mchummun@elam.co.uk , Mohammad Chummun