'Lost Melody' A Brilliant Game Influenced by Legendary Music

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Restore music back into the world as you dive into the world of 'Lost melody'. Queen and Bowie are singing  a duet in  concert when suddenly they are transported into a dull world where music does not exist. Join the duo on their adventure as they begin their journey in order to regain colour into a world so dark.

“This is probably one of the best games that I have personally created and I am proud to be the games director for this game”
— Islam Dallali, Games Director and Programmer

Due to captivating and addictive gameplay. Players can enjoy their time playing as Queen, with the help of Bowie as her companion as they put on live concerts. However, the duo must fend off against dark forces that want to top Bowie’s and Queen's attempt to bring music and joy back into the world. The game currently has 2 playable and repayable levels with a variety of musical tracks to accompany them. The player must also fend off the enemies to the beat of the music, making audio an essential part of gameplay.

You can also follow the development of the game by following Islam Dallali’s twitter account where he will be documenting new updates about the game. You can follow him using this link. You can also follow Blade Studios, a games studio that Islam Dallali and Saikumar, another ELAM trainee have started with this link to follow any updates in what we could be making next.