Think B4 U Speak Podcast

As part of the global Start the Change Programme, Rochelle Robertson our Pastoral lead has been working with some ELAM trainees over the past few months to produce a podcast that is inspired by critical thinking.  

In each episode, they discuss a matter important to young people for which they research, discuss stats, and bring their personal experiences to the conversation.  

Our first episode is about Student Mental Health and features Grace Seal, Olivia Allen, Kieran Lewis and is hosted by Blessing Borode, and our special guest, ELAM Maths teacher Adam Dawalty. 

Special thanks to CK, Elijah and Daniel Giddy, who have been working super hard behind the scenes, on social media, research, and talent co-ordination.  

Be sure to join in the conversation by following us on instagram @thinkb4uspeakpod and using the #thinkb4uspeakpod