Games, Film & TV Newsletter 29/11/16


Fantastic Beasts is the UK's number one film. Having made £8.8m at the weekend's box office.

Emily Blunt's character has been written out of Sicario 2, the sequel to the Academy Award nominated 2015 film.

Has Luke Skywalker's first line in next Star Wars film (Episode VIII) just been revealed?

Games Industry trade body UKIE has called on the government to help Britain become an 'eSports powerhouse'

Is the Nintendo Switch launch title going to see the cast of Super Mario in the world of Raving Rabbids? According to this video that Ubisoft might well be.

Think you're a committed gamer? This guy has just hit 'Max Level' on overwatch after 6 months of non-stop play putting in an estimated 1700 hours worth of gameplay.


Extra Credit Reading:

Can video games recreate life in a conflict-ridden city?

Why aren't there more interracial relationships on screen?

Final word:

If you're looking for a film to watch this week, why not try out Jim Jarmusch's new film Paterson, starring Adam Driver as a small-town bus driver with an interest in composing poetry. It has a warm heart and a low-key vibe that makes for very comforting viewing.