MSG Sphere Session #007 | Jasmine2Safi performs stunning original 'Monotone'

Click below to watch our latest MSG Sphere Session, featuring Jasmine2Safi performing her original ‘Monotone’

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Live Session filmed, recorded, edited and mixed by ELAM Trainees

MSG Sphere Live Session #006 | ELL Delivers a Timeless Performance

Our latest MSG Sphere Live Session features ELL, who performs her original ‘Timeless’. Watch her stunning Session now below.

The Madison Square Garden Company’s plans for MSG Sphere in Stratford, London, will change the way you experience live music and entertainment events forever. Sign up to MSG Sphere's mailing list now:

Live Session filmed, recorded, edited and mixed by ELAM Trainees

Class of 2019 Show: Interview with Trainee Nae

The Class of 2019 Show is on the 16th and 17th of May

Welcome NAE, thank you so much for talking to me today.  We have got the Class of 2019 end of year show coming up next week. What are you  going to be performing?

I’m going to be performing an original called Hey Queen.

IMG-8571 (1).JPG

And what’s it about?

It’s a very feminist empowered song, just about being comfortable in your own skin, not really caring about what societies views are on black women, you know just, embracing who you are.

Would you class yourself more as a songwriter or a performer or both?

I would say both because I love songwriting, I love, just you know, getting my thoughts out but I also love being on the stage.  I feel like I become a different person on stage, I just love the feeling of performing and communicating to the audience.

What would your dream performance look like?  No budget restrictions or location restrictions...

I don’t even know!  I think my dream performance would either be to sell out Wembley or performing at the Grammys, just performing to all the legends and all other musicians, a really iconic performance, I’d love to be a part of that.

I wanted to ask you about dancing because dancing seems to be very much a part of your identity - you can generally be found dancing both on and off stage! Was that something you were into before ELAM?

When I was younger I was very proactive as a child - I loved singing, acting and dancing and I used to be part of a drama club so it was quite theatrical and we got to do a performance at the palladium so there was a lot of dancing there and I feel that’s where I properly got into dancing and even though I haven’t had special classes I just love moving around you know feeling the rhythm whether there’s music or no music!  

What would be your go to karaoke song?

This is a bit ambitious but I’d have to say emotions by Mariah Carey.  I love that song!

So ELAM sadly finishes for you in a few weeks.  In terms of your music, where would you like to see your career go?

I hope to do more performances, more live shows and hopefully by the end of this year I’ve released my own EP with some visuals too.

What has been your ELAM highlight over the two years in terms of a performance or an event?

preVIEW Zak.jpg

I think my ELAM highlight was probably the MJ show.  Just the whole energy, the whole vibe. Even though it was probably stressful, I think I loved every moment of it from the fact that everyone was working so hard together, there were the videos behind the performances, everyone had to play on the click track, the whole vibe with it was amazing, and the dancing!

And what do you think you are going to miss the most about ELAM?

I’m probably going to miss the people the most.  Just the fact that we have a culture, it’s just so family based, we’re close knit and even though sometimes we might have different views and sometimes things go down you can sense that there’s a sense of family around.  So yeah, definitely I’m going to miss the people.

So my last question for everyone is always if you could collaborate with anyone in ELAM who would it be?


There’s just so many!  Hopefully all of the producers, they are all so sick, especially in our year so maybe some of them, or all of them!  But it’s not just the producers, I’d love to work with some of the singers and songwriters too. I want to collaborate with Chris-el obviously as she’s my best friend.

And out of ELAM?

It’s a no brainer - Beyonce! That would be a dream to collaborate with her or even just dance on stage with her. The energy and just how she presents herself on stage, definitely a big inspiration.

Catch Nae performing at Class of 2019 this Thursday 16th May

Class of 2019 Show : Interview with Trainee Chris-el

The Class of 2019 Show is on the 16th and 17th of May

Welcome Chris-el, thank you so much for talking to me today. . We have got the Class of 2019 end of year show coming up in a couple of weeks. What are you going to performing?


I’ll be performing an original called Stinging Nettle.  It’s kind of about my journey at ELAM and how I’ve grown a lot from when I started when I was quite nervous and all I would write about was love because it was easier for me!  Now I’m kind of exploring different things and yeah that’s just what it’s about.

And how do you feel about ELAM coming to an end with just a couple of weeks left?

It’s bittersweet man! I’m definitely going to miss everyone, I’m going to miss you, my favourite teacher! At the same time I feel like I’m ready. And I’ve been ready for a while to just (this might bite me later on in the future) but I feel like I’m ready for everything now...

And what are you planning on doing once you leave ELAM?

I’ll be on a Gap year and full time work as much as I can and then just studio time, writing and more meetings with different managers.  Stuff that I’ve been doing at ELAM but stuff that I'll have more time to do now in full.

You’ve  got some exciting stuff coming up, you’ve got a Sofar session next week?

Yeah I’m so excited!

And what are you going to be singing there?

I’ve got a 25 minute set... Oh my god and I’m getting paid for it! I’m singing Stinging Nettle (with my band not just acoustic)  and then a song called Lemon Haze and coconut water, love lessons which is a bit french and just songs like that...

And do you have a pre-show ritual?

Most of the time because I’ve been at ELAM with my friends it’s just being with them at the moment.  My friend Lily told me that at their old singing group they used to look in the mirror and say something like “I am magnificent” three times! So I’ve been doing that a lot but there’s no mirror in the green room so I’ve just been doing it into Jaz’s saxophone (laughing) and say “I am magnificent” and that works yeah!!

Would you say you are a diva?


I’m wearing sunglasses inside! I’m definitely a diva. (laughs)

What do you think would be your ultimate career goal when it comes to music?

I wanna tour the world! But I mean like stadium tour, that would be mad! I went to see Taylor Swift, I’m not the biggest fan but she did a stadium tour and it was crazy, there were big fireworks and dancers and everything  and she had an acoustic section as I was just like “wow”. I’d love that.

And who would you aspire to be like the most in that type of career?

Harry Styles! (Laughs)  Obviously I love Harry Styles and with his shows, obviously I don’t make rock music, but with his shows he has has rock and then he has a little section of the show where he comes out on stage and it’s just him and his guitar for like half an hour and then he goes back and, obviously I do a different genre, I would want to be doing my harcore stuff, my hardcore R&B stuff and then I’d want to come away and do my acoustic sad lovely dovey R&B stuff too.

What has been your ELAM highlight over the two years?

It wouldn’t be my own performance.  Obviously I love my own performances but seeing my friends on stage is my favourite.  You know Cameron Skelton? He did Purple Rain in Shoreditch. His solo! I think everyone in the room said this was one of the maddest moments of ELAM because everyone was like what! It was just silent and then we were all screaming at the end, it was just crazy! It was my favourite, definitely my favourite.

If you could collaborate with anyone in ELAM who would it be?

Izzy Cofie.  Izzy Cofie…...Isaac Cofie.  I would love to be on a garage track!

And out of ELAM?

Have you heard of Lianne La HAvas?  Her. 100%. I would die, I would pass out! I’m like her biggest fan.

Catch Chris-el performing at Class of 2019 this Thursday 16th May

Reach & ELAM announce innovative partnership

 Today Reach Academy Feltham and East London Arts and Music announced a partnership to broaden the access to an exceptional music education for young people in London.

From September 2019 , Reach will be delivering ELAM’s innovative Extended Diploma in Music, a course which has rapidly developed a reputation as the industry standard course. ELAM will share their curriculum and train and develop the Reach music teachers, while giving Reach students access to the wide range of opportunities that their trainees enjoy.

Since the school opened in 2012, Reach has developed a high quality music provision in the school with more than a hundred pupils learning an instrument, a thriving cohort studying music at Key Stage 4 and choir, groups and performance opportunities. Executive Principal Ed Vainker said: “This is an incredibly exciting development. We have long admired ELAM and are delighted that Music at Reach is going to take another big step forwards with students studying an innovative course and being prepared for a career in the music industry.”

The collaboration comes at a time when music education is struggling, with the BPI reporting a 21% decrease in music provision in state schools over the past five years and a worrying decline in music in schools serving vulnerable communities.

ELAM, which opened in 2014, was set up to address the abundant support of young creative talent across East London and the growing demand within the UK’s creative sector. The collaboration will increase access to ELAM’s approach. Principal Charlie Kennard said: “ELAM is getting 500 applications a year for 75 places in Music and we are having to turn away a lot of talented musicians with great potential. Working with Reach, in another part of London, is a pilot that could become the way we provide more young people with this experience”.

Students interested in the course should visit for more information. For more information or to arrange an interview, email or



1)     Reach Academy Feltham is an all-through free school in the London borough of Hounslow. The school was judged outstanding in 2014 and recently featured in the documentary ‘H is for Harry’. More information at               

2)     ELAM is a 16-19 Academy specialising in music, games design and film and television. It was judged outstanding in 2016 and developed exceptional links with the creative industries. More information at